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Proven adaptive technology

Being a test prep industry leader doesn't mean doing things the old-fashioned way. Currently used by thousands of students to improve their test scores, Barron's adaptive learning technology creates a customized course based on your skills, your time, and what you need to learn to maximize your score. With hundreds of hours of video lessons and question solutions tailored to your strengths and weaknesses, Barron's SAT online practice test isn't just adapted for some: it's adapted for you.

Know Where You Are

Always know where
you are

Barron's online SAT practice program offers more video content than any other test prep solution, including comprehensive video lectures for hundreds of concepts, strategies, and question types, as well as video solutions for thousands of actual test questions. Why spend $500-$1500 for one-size- fits-all prep when you can get a complete, personalized prep solution at a fraction of the cost?

Access Anywhere

Access it anywhere

Barron's allows you to maintain constant contact with your prep program. Your study profile is available on your phone, the web, and your tablet, and we can even send you personalized tips and SAT practice test questions of the day to your email inbox. Never leave your prep behind!

Barron's goes beyond the cookie-cutter approach of normal test prep solutions, and fits a unique schedule and lesson plan to your needs. It's that powerful.