• Barron's PSAT prep is an online course that is based on our best selling PSAT prep books. This outstanding course gives you everything you need to get a top notch PSAT score. From targeted practice, test taking strategies, vocabulary building tools to full length tests, we have everything covered.
Barron's PSAT: Course Features

PSAT Full Length Tests

Our online course allows you to take full-length PSAT practice exams timed or untimed, from our database of 7 complete exams.

Targeted Practice

You can create customized PSAT practice exams of a specific question type including "Sentence Completion", "Reading Comprehension", "Word Analysis", "Math multiple-choice", "Grid-Ins", "Identifying Sentence Error", "Improving Sentence" and "Improving Paragraph".

Solution and Feedback

Get immediate feedback including answers to all PSAT practice questions with solutions and full explanations backed by over 60+ years of Barron's study-guide experience....learn why you answered incorrectly as well as why you answered correctly!

Instant Test Scoring

Receive instant test scores to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and know where you need to study most.

SAT Word List

Raise your Verbal score with our 1,500 word vocabulary list with complete definitions and see each word used in a sentence for clearer contextual understanding.

PSAT High Frequency Word List

Concentrate your vocabulary study efforts with our PSAT High Frequency Word List and our PSAT Hot Prospects Word List.

Tactics and Strategies

Study and learn our proven Tactics and refresh yourself on key mathematical facts to raise your Math scores.

Detailed Reporting

Track your progress with progress reports that give you a detailed analysis of each exam you take, and chart your progress by finding out which areas you need to concentrate on for success.

What’s included:

  • What you SHOULD do
  • What you SHOULD NOT do
  • Essential test taking tactics
  • Problem solving hints and strategies
  • Crucial vocabulary word definitions and much more