SAT Writing


SAT Writing

The Writing section of the SAT contains one essay section and 2 multiple choice sections. The essay, which is always administered as the first section of the test, is 25 minutes long.

The Writing Section as a whole tests a student's knowledge of grammar, rhetorical skills and organizational abilities. You will find three types of questions in the writing section of the SAT:

  • Error Identification questions (18 questions): Error identification questions require students to locate the word in the sentence that constitutes a grammatical error, or point out that the sentence has no error at all.

  • Sentence Improvement questions (25 questions): Sentence Improvement questions require the student to fix or improve a sentence as written.

  • Improving Paragraphs (6 questions): The Improving Paragraphs questions require a student to answer a set of questions regarding what specific changes could be incorporated into a paragraph to significantly improve it. This particular sub-section tests the student's organizational skills.

The Writing portion of the SAT is composed of three graded sections: two 25 minute sections and one 10 minute section. The following table summarizes the 3 Writing sections on the SAT:

Section Total Time Total Number of Questions
Section1 25 1 Essay
Section2 25 35 Questions: 19 Error Identification Questions
11 Sentence Improvement Questions
 6 Paragraph improvement Questions
Section3 10 14 Sentence improvement questions

SAT Writing Skills

Following is an overview of areas tested in writing section of the SAT. You should study and develop clear understand of these skills to score high marks in SAT.

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