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Coordinate Geometry Basics
Remembering Number Line Remember number line? If you recall, a number line is a representation of real numbers, both positive and negative, and integers and decimals on a line that extends to infinity in both directions.  Numbers are represented... read more ››
Distance Between Two Points
In coordinate geometry, if you know the coordinates of two points, you can also calculate the distance between them. In fact there is a simple formula for it that you can remember. Lets say and are any two points on the X-Y plane, then distance bet... read more ››
Equation of a Line
A straight line represents a linear equation on a X-Y plane. The equation of a straight line can be written in the following three forms: The slope intercept form The equation of a line with slope is , where is equal to the "y" intercept... read more ››
Intercepts of a Line
Any line that is not parallel to an axis will intersect both the X and the Y axes. The non-zero coordinates of the points at which the line intersects the axes, are said to be the intercepts of the line. For example, in the following figure the X and... read more ››
Line Intersection
Line intersection problems involve equations for two or more lines in an X-Y plane. The important thing to remember is that when two lines intersect, the point of intersection is common to both lines. Therefore the coordinates of the intersection poi... read more ››
Mid-point of Two Points
The mid-point of two points A and B is a point on the line segment that joins the two points and that is equidistant from both of them. In the following figure, M is the midpoint of line segment AB such that M lies on the segment AB and MA=MB. I... read more ››
Slope of a Line
One of the most important properties that defines a straight line is its steepness or its incline. Quiet simply, a higher slope value indicates a steeper incline.     The slope is defined as the ratio of the "rise" divided by the... read more ››
Slope of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
In coordinate geometry, parallel and perpendicular lines have special significance. First lets recap what we mean by parallel and perpendicular lines and then see some important properties of these lines. Parallel Lines Parallel lines are lines that ... read more ››

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