SAT Math


SAT Math

The SAT Math section tests a student's skills in various fields of high school Math.  The questions on the Math section are one of the following types:

The Math portion of the SAT is composed of three sections: two 25 minute sections and one 20 minute section. The following table summarizes the 3 math sections on the SAT:

Section Total Time Total Number of Questions
Section1 25 20 Multiple Choice Questions
Section2 25 8 Multiple Choice Questions
10 Student Response Questions
Section3 20 16 Multiple Choice questions

SAT Math Skills

The Math skills tested by the SAT are surprisingly limited; most of what is on the test has been covered by tenth grade. In addition to actual mathematical knowledge, many useful tricks and techniques can be used to quickly improve a student's score. Following is an overview of areas tested in Math section of the SAT:

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