GRE Quantitative Reasoning: Multiple Correct Questions

The one-or-more answer multiple choice questions may have up to 9 answers choices. Select all the answers that you think are correct. You must remember that you will not receive full credit unless you have chosen all the correct answers and no others. So, make sure you fully understand the question and have considered all possibilities before proceeding onwards. The answer choices are preceded by squares and you need to select one or more of them as the correct answer.


Q. Frank’s average (arithmetic mean) on the six biology tests was 89. On each of his first five tests, his grade was between 90 and 100, inclusive. Which of the following could have been his grade on his sixth test?

Indicate all such grades.









Answer: B, C, D, E and F

On the six tests, Frank earned a total of 6 × 89 = 534 points. The problem states that Frank scored between 90 and 100 in the first five tests. Therefore he earned at least 5 × 90 = 450 points, but no more than 5 × 100 = 500 points. Therefore his grade on the sixth test was at least 534 - 500 = 34 and at most 534 - 450 = 84. Only answer choices B, C, D, E and F are between 34 and 84.