GRE Quantitative Reasoning

The Quantitative Reasoning section is the GRE’s math section. There are a total of 2 sections, each of which contain approximately 20 questions. You are given 35 minutes per section. In each section, the questions will appear independently of one and other or as part of a series of questions called a Data Interpretation set. These types of questions refer to data presented in tables, graphs, or other forms.

You will be tested on basic math topics, including geometry, algebra, and arithmetic; with that being said, there is an emphasis on real-life scenarios and data interpretation. Thankfully, there’s an on-screen calculator to make computation less tedious and less time-consuming. Remember though that the calculator is there to supplement your math knowledge, not replace it. The Quantitative Reasoning sections include the following types of questions:

  • One-Answer Multiple Choice Questions

  • One-Or-More Answer Multiple Choice Questions

  • Numeric Entry Questions

  • Quantitative Comparison Questions

Quantitative Reasoning




(Two Sections)

Approximately 20 per section

  • One Answer Multiple Choice
  • One or More Answer Multiple Choice
  • Numeric Entry
  • Quantitative Comparison

35 minutes per section