Math Facts

  1. What are Venn diagrams and how do I use them to solve GRE Quant problems?
  2. What is a Sector and how do I find its area?
  3. What is the length of the arc?
  4. Why triangle inequality is so damn important!
  5. What you must know about similar triangles
  6. Things to remember about 30-60-90 triangle
  7. What you must know about Pythagorean Theorem
  8. Remember the properties of Equilateral Triangles
  9. What is the height of an Equilateral Triangle
  10. How to handle exponent of an exponent?
  11. Special exponents are 0 and 1. Really?
  12. What is the sum of the internal angles of a polygon?
  13. Do you know much about Parallel and Perpendicular Lines?
  14. Tangent? Huh... what does that mean?
  15. What are the 5 exponent rules that everyone must remember?
  16. What is this thing called “Angle Bisector”?
  17. How to solve an equation that has a variable in the denominator?
  18. What are vertical angles?
  19. What happens when a line intersects a bunch of parallel lines?
  20. The tree diagram concept to solve counting problems
  21. What is so special about Arithmetic Progression?
  22. Solving Digits and Place Value Problems
  23. Be careful solving percentage of a percentage problems
  24. How to solve problem with multiple percentage changes?
  25. Ode to Odd and Even Integers!
  26. Order of Operations
  27. Percentage Increase and Decrease Problems
  28. The crazy little function called square root!
  29. What are some important properties of square roots?
  30. Representing a number: Digits and Place Values
  31. What is an XY coordinate plane?
  32. How do you find the slope of a line?
  33. How do you represent a line in coordinate geometry?
  34. Line Intercept; what does it mean?
  35. How to find the distance between two points in an XY plane?
  36. How to find midpoint of a line segment in an XY plane?
  37. What is special about slopes of parallel and perpendicular lines?