Testing the Answer Choices


Traditionally, math students are taught to completely solve any equation or problem that they face. But due to the limited nature of GRE and GMAT problems, there are some problem-solving methods that are superior because of their speed.

Testing the Answer Choices is occasionally one of these options. Although it is highly dependent on the problem itself, there are some times where using this technique can be faster than solving the problem in a traditional way. Can you solve this problem by Testing the Answer Choices?

Question of the Day

If m is a positive integer such that 5 < m < 10, then what could be the value of (m-2)(m-3)?

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However, using advanced problem-solving techniques is not always faster. In fact, it can be slower in many cases. But the execution of each problem solving method is quite subjective; the only way to find out whether one method will be better or worse for you is to practice thoroughly and get to know your own skill set well!