Test Drive the GRE


Are you thinking of taking the GRE and want a test drive? Taking a realistic test or sample questions is often an illuminating experience for most people. Using a realistic test and score report, you can evaluate where you stand and how much prep is needed to get into the graduate school of your dreams. For those of you interested in a quick GRE test drive, we have three ways to sample GRE questions before the real thing:

  1. The GRE Diagnostic Test: Nothing beats a solid test drive of GRE. We expose you to a real GRE sample test with Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning Sections that includes the new question types in the revised GRE. It does not stop here, you also get a realistic GRE score report, a GRE study plan and a skill report.GRE Score Report
  2. GRE Practice Questions: You can find plenty of Free GRE practice questions right here on the Barron’s GRE blog. These questions are based on the revised GRE format and includes new questions such as multiple correct responses, sentence equivalence besides the regular quantitative comparison questions.
  3. Full Length GRE Practice Tests: The premium version of the Barron’s GRE course offers 4 online tests that are modeled after the revised GRE. Nothing beats the real thing but these tests come real close.

Hope you will find these free resources helpful.