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 Critical Reasoning: How to Strengthen an Argument


If you want to strengthen your position on the GMAT critical reasoning section, understanding question types is essential. Today we’re looking at the strengthen question type.

When you face a question that asks you which answer choice most strengthens
the argument there are several important things you want to think about:

First, what does it mean to strengthen an argument? To answer that question, you
must understand that an argument is formed by pieces of evidence that add together to
support a conclusion. It’s that conclusion that’s the core of the argument. In fact, we can
go ahead and simplify that statement even more. The conclusion is the argument.

Now that we know what it is we need to strengthen in an argument, let’s get back
to the language of the question. You will most likely be asked to find the answer choice
that “most” strengthens the argument. That word “most” is misleading. In order to write a
question where there is one and only one correct answer, we can’t be dealing with issues
of degree. For that reason we can’t be comparing two answers that both strengthen the
argument to some extent. Therefore the correct answer is the only one that strengthens
the argument.

To strengthen an argument—or as we’ve seen, a conclusion—is to make it more
likely to be true. Given that there are only three possible impacts a statement can have
on a conclusion we’re zeroing in on our approach now. The statement can make the
conclusion more likely to be true, less likely to be true, or it can be irrelevant. That makes
the question simple.

When you see a strengthen question, find the conclusion of the argument and
then test each of the answer choices with the following question: Does this answer choice
make the conclusion more likely to be true? If the answer is no, eliminate that answer
choice. If the answer is yes, you’re done.

Take this approach to all strengthen questions and you’re well on your way to
improving your GMAT score!

 The Highs and Lows of the GRE Prep


Life isn’t a Hollywood movie with the scripted highs and lows. If life had the predictable crescendo that we see played out on the big screen, we wouldn’t have to worry about anything except waiting for the swell of dramatic music to begin to sweep us off to a happy ending.

Life is a low-budget documentary. There’s a story, there’s an arc, but it’s not nearly as clean as we would like it to be. The ending isn’t guaranteed, and things don’t always go as expected, but there’s a story there waiting to be told.

Your GRE prep journey will share a lot of those features.

  1. There will be excitement: There’s nothing quite like that feeling of knowing that anything is possible when you first start the journey.
  2. There will be guilt: Once that excitement wears off, life will start to get in the way. The dreams of long study sessions will slowly be pushed aside by those annoying distractions of friends, fun, and travel.
  3. There will be frustration: You will hit a point in your studies where the progress doesn’t come as easily anymore and those practice scores don’t seem to climb quite so quickly.
  4. There will be pride: Push through those obstacles in your way and there’s a real sense of accomplishment when you have a breakthrough. There will be doubt: As test day nears, you will start to worry about whether you’ll be able to get that great score that you dreamed about.
  5. There will be fear: You’ll have a bad day of practice or a bad practice test close to your test day. Part of you will panic. You’ll wonder what will happen if that bad day happens on your real test day.
  6. There will be an end: Test day will come, you’ll do your best and that score will come out whether you want to see it or not.

For many students the different emotions that you encounter on the GRE prep
journey can be scary because they’re so unexpected. After tutoring hundreds of
students, rest assured that I’ve seen this pattern with almost all of my students. Don’t
be worried when you’re on the down part of this emotional journey. Just know that
end is coming.

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