Barron’s GRE Launch Contest: Rules

  1. You are automatically entered when you perform any of the eligible activities involving Barron’s GRE brand on Twitter or Facebook. These activities are: following us on Twitter, “Liking” our Facebook page, writing on our Facebook page, Tweeting about this contest on Twitter and sharing the contest page on Facebook.
  2. Each type of activity is considered a valid entry e.g. if you follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook page, it will be considered two valid entries in the contest.
  3. Multiple activities of the same type will be disregarded e.g. even if you tweet about our page more than once on Twitter, it will be considered a single entry. Please be mindful of your connections in the social media and avoid spamming.
  4. Please include hash tag #barronsGRE in your twitter post.
  5. Winners will be announced on our Twitter stream as well as Facebook page.
  6. Winners will be randomly chosen based on number of activities involving Barron’s GRE brand and social media.
  7. We will add additional entries based on number of friends re-tweeting your original post.
  8. If you have already paid for the GRE course, we will refund your subscription amount.

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