Finding the best (not right) answer


One of the toughest concepts to fully master on the Verbal section of the GRE is the idea that there is no right answer. It is your responsibility as a student to find the best answer instead.

This is quite a deviation from the Quantitative section (or any math test), where well-defined answers are the status quo.

Did you know that a correct answer choice, when presented against another set of choices, may not remain correct? Try and pick out the best (again, not right) choice below.

Question of the Day

Because Mary thought that lying was __________, she refrained from lying and strongly disliked those who were not truthful.

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Subtle differences between answer choices, especially on difficult questions, can be the distinction between a right choice and a wrong choice. Although other choices may be appealing, the word “abominable” most accurately conveys Mary’s portrayed emotions in this sentence.