Not sure how the Personalized Plan Works?


We got an interesting question on our support line. How does the personalized study plan work? Before we go there, quick reminder that you can start your “Personalized Prep” using the button on the dashboard as shown below. If you do not see the “Personalized Prep” button, it means you have not completed the diagnostic test. You first priority should be to complete the diagnostic test to enable our adaptive learning engine to build a skill profile for you.

Personalize Prep

The personalized prep page is split into two halves. The top half gives you access to your personalized test at any given moment. The lower half gives you the top “10″ lessons with the maximum potential for score boost. Our adaptive engine technology considers many factors such as time remaining to the test, your current skill profile and the total time you can devote for prep activities to give you a personalized practice and learning plan.


Personalized Practice: The adaptive learning technology gives you a laser-guided practice test based on your skill profile. We do not want you to waste your time on solving problem that you have already mastered. We precisely direct you to solve questions with the maximum potential to enhance your score. Just completed a practice test? Not to worry! A new practice test is ready for you already.

Personalized Lesson Plan: How about top “10″ lessons with the maximum potential for score boost? You get them in the quick lessons section. As you complete the lessons from the personalized lesson recommendation queue, new lessons will appear to take their place.

All Topics: If you wish to access all the lessons available with the course, simply use the “All Topics” button. The entire list of lessons are sub-divided into 8 units that range from basic intro stuff to more advanced concepts, test taking strategies and review lessons. All topics area is useful when you want to self-direct your prep i.e. you do not trust our “adaptive” prep plan.





 Avoiding Distracting Information


In addition to testing your knowledge of difficult topics and challenging concepts, the GRE may also try to overwhelm you with an excess of information or complexity.

In the following question, what information is useful, and what is presented simply to distract you from the problem at hand?

Question of the Day

A geometrical figure   is defined such that there are concentric semi-circles with a right isosceles triangle inscribed within each semi-circle. The following figure shows with 3 concentric circles and 3 right triangles, one inside each semi-circle. If the radius of the th innermost circle is , pertaining to the figure, where radius  is given to be  units, what will be the perimeter of the 4th triangle?

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Much of the information presented at the outset of this problem is unnecessary, and is presented simply as a means to confuse and overwhelm. Focus on the pertinent data in every problem, and don’t let an excess of information throw you off track!