Where are all the GRE Prep Videos?


We got an interesting question about the videos on our support line. Where are the 60+ hours of videos that we promise on the course features page? This is an excellent question, since you do not see “any” videos once you login for the first time.

We actually have two types of videos:

The Lesson Videos

Lesson VideosThese are GRE videos starring Orion Taraban, Ender Markel (the author of the GRE book) or Kevin Rocci. The videos are in-depth concept and strategy lessons.  The lesson videos teach you important and test taking strategies besides important math or verbal concepts. These videos also contain example problem solving. The lesson videos are about 15-20 minute long.     

Solution VideosThe Solution Videos

These are the step-by-step solution videos that walk you through a problem and offer you valuable suggestions on solving techniques.




So where are these lesson and solution videos?

Lesson Videos: There are many ways to view the lesson videos. The best way is to view the lesson videos you can click on “Personalized Prep” and view the lesson recommendations that our adaptive learning algorithm generates for you. You can also view lesson videos using the “All Topics” button on the left navigation bar. Once you are on the lesson tab, you can either view the lesson as text or video. You can also view the video lessons by clicking on the learning history on the left and selecting the lesson from the list.

Solution Videos: The solution videos are created for quiz and test questions. In order to view the solution videos, you need to first take the test or a quiz. After the quiz or test is complete, simply view the report. The solution videos can be viewed for any question that appears on the right list.