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Registered for Barron’s GRE but not sure what to do?

Registered for GRE but not sure where to begin?

Is GRE prep making you nervous?



Tssk tssk… that’s no way to launch your GRE prep, graduate school aspirant. Let us make your job a little easier. Before we start, you must know some important points about Barron’s GRE Prep:

  1. Barron’s Books + Workbooks: The course provides you access to the market leading content from all the Barron’s GRE books. Put it simply, it is power packed with more content than you are likely to need!
  2. Over 2000 practice questions: Yes. Over 2000 practice questions. There is no typo!
  3. 4 Full length practice tests with scoring.
  4. 75+ hours of video lessons taught by GRE experts.
  5. More than 700 video solutions to tough GRE problems.
  6. Available on the web, iPad and iPhone.

Essentially you are starting your GRE prep with enough ammo in your arsenal. Here are some simple tips to get the most out of our course:

  1. Enter your prep goals: We need to know the date you are planning to take the GRE. This way we can craft a study plan for you.
  2. Take diagnostic test: This is essential for us to find out your skill level across hundreds of skills. We use the test results to figure out your weak areas. Then we direct your prep time to strengthen these skills.
  3. Practice regularly: At any given time, you can launch a practice quiz. The questions in the quiz are personalized just for you based on your skill profile e.g. if exponents is your weak spot, we give you targeted practice to fix that.
  4. Follow the learning plan: Our study plan gives the top “5″ lessons that you should study based on you skill profile. Keep your prep on track by following this plan.
  5. Review before the test: We have a bunch of lessons that are specifically created for reviewing important concepts. These lessons are designed to refresh your skills, jog your memory, and imprint stuff in your brain…just before the test. If your test is only a few days away, our smart adaptive learning engine will dish out a “crash course” for you.

Start your prep TODAY. If you need any assistance or interested in participating in our beta program write to us at support@barronstestprep.com or simply “like” us on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/barronsgre)

 Why is applying to grad school so hard?


As this year comes to a close, I remembered the time at the beginning of the year when I was taking the GRE and filling out my own grad school applications. It’s a stressful time – if you’re in school, it’s the equivalent of an additional 5-unit class and if you’re in the workplace, it’s similar to having homework again. So, I asked myself, “Why is applying to grad school so hard?”

In my experience, the following points made the application process much more stressful. Even more than preparing for GRE. Unfortunately, unlike GRE Prep, you do not have excellent tools such as Barron’s GRE course at your disposal. You have to figure these things out on your own. There is no cookie-cutter approach.

  • The “statement of purpose.” More so than undergrad, grad school statements of purposes have to have a very clear, direct purpose. Not to say that your undergrad statement of purpose wasn’t purposeful, but the beauty of undergrad was exploration. Getting to know topics that you had never seen before: psychology, anthropology, demography, ethnic studies, and comparative literature to name a few. How could you possibly know exactly what you want to study when K-12 focuses on English, Math, History, and Science? If you did know, props to you. I was much too indecisive to know for sure. As an undergrad, school is about choice and endless opportunity. Unfortunately (or fortunately) grad school means you’ve chosen. You’re taking a giant leap forward in the field of your choice. You’re making a commitment to academia. There’s no changing fields in grad school. Just try telling the English PhD department you’d really love to give Chemistry a go. Your statement of purpose should demonstrate that you’ve made a conscious choice for your future.

  • Letters of Recommendation. Yes, you’ll need them. For students that go to a smaller school, I hear this is easier. I went to a large research university with over 35,000 students. It’s difficult to make personal relationships with odds like that. First, you want to pick a professor that will say something nice about you. This seems obvious, but in most cases you won’t see the letter, so you need to be rather confident. Choose a professor for a class that you did reasonably well in. It’ll help if you went to class on a regular basis and if you went to your section or office hours. It’s terrifying to ask an intelligent professor to spend time writing a letter about you, but it’s a necessary component to an application. And unfortunately, you’ll need two or three letters! Make sure you are respectful of their time and give them a significant amount of time (about a month) to prepare your letter. It’s helpful to bring a “brag sheet” about you. While they know you academically, inform them of your extracurricular activities and interests.
  • $$$. Applying to Grad School is an expensive venture. With application fees, transcript fees, and necessary tests. It adds up quickly. Make sure you plan ahead as you start on this venture. My own application process ended up costing around $1,000. I’ve heard med school horror stories of multiple thousands of dollars.
For all those negatives, now that I’m here, grad school rocks! Once there, all of the woes disappear into a forgotten haze. The hard work is deciding what your passion is. The easy and fun part is an in-depth, eye-opening exploration of your favorite interest.

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What is it?

The Barron’s GRE course will be unveiled this week. We have blogged about it in the past and finally we are ready for launch! It will be a limited edition, invitation only course for a few days. If you want to be one of the first (lucky?) souls to try our GRE course, walk (actually run!!) and enter your email address here.

You can either enter your email address on our GRE page or our Facebook page. We will be in touch with you shortly with the next steps:

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