• Barron's ACT prep is an online course that is based on our best selling ACT prep books. This outstanding course gives you everything you need to get a top notch ACT score. From targeted practice, test taking strategies, vocabulary building tools to full length tests, we have everything covered.
Barron's ACT: Course Features

The ACT Diagnostic Test

The diagnostic test forms the basis for Barron's ACT Prep. The ACT Diagnostic Test is a powerful computer adaptive test engineered to precisely measure your complete skill profile. It enables Barron's to make detailed lesson recommendations to improve your ACT score with maximum efficiency.

Personalized ACT Prep

Barron's ACT Prep course uses an adaptive learning algorithm that personalizes your course plan once you take the diagnostic test. Barron's ensures that you focus your time and energy in learning those skills with the maximum "skill boosting" potential.

ACT Prep Dashboard

Every time you login, you are taken to a personalized dashboard where your up-to-date ACT Prep activity is displayed including your projected score for ACT is displayed. Barron's makes it easy to monitor your progress and take the next step towards improving your ACT score.

Lessons from ACT Experts

Barron's ACT experts teach you test taking strategies and important concepts covered by the ACT. Video and text-based lessons are available for every single concept covered in the test.

Step-by-Step Video Solutions

Barron's ACT course offers 1000s of detailed, step-by-step video solutions to actual practice ACT problems from the exam. The combination of comprehensive content and top-notch instructors leaves no stone unturned in your test prep program

ACT Prep Reports

Barron's ACT prep continuously monitors your progress and current skill profile to give you the most accurate recommendations possible. Anytime you complete an exercise, practice test, or diagnostic, Barron's will update your profile to make sure you are receiving the very best recommendations. You can also view your own progress and skill profile in the Summary tab of your personal dashboard at any time.

Online ACT Practice Test

Barron's ACT Course provides your with ample practice material including online. The course gives you access to 100s of Practice quizzes, 6 full length ACTs and 1 ACT diagnostic test. The full length ACT tests also give you instant projected ACT scores.

What’s included:

  • 25 Hours of Video Lessons
  • 50 Hours of Video Solutions
  • 75+ Lessons
  • 5 Full Length ACT Tests
  • Computer Adaptive Practice
  • 1 Diagnostic Test
  • 1000+ practice Questions


Everything you need to succeed...right here!